Elevation Mark with Rotated Text

Ever had a project with True North at an obtuse angle to “Plan North” or a site with several buildings with their own “Plan North”? Or maybe just a project with angles?  If so, your elevation tag might have looked like this…


The tag is rotated, but the text is horizontal.  Rotate the view and the text stays horizontal to the view. Revit says “I will keep the text readable”, after all, that’s what you want, right?

What if this is what you wanted:


If so, edit the Family, select the Label and un-check the box next to Fixed Rotation. Now the text rotates with the mark.



4 thoughts on “Elevation Mark with Rotated Text

  1. Hi! thanks for this post. I am trying to make the label rotate with the tag but in the screenshot you have above, i do not have a “fixed rotation” box. I only have the “Keep Readable” and “visible”. Any suggestions?

    • Make sure you are looking at the properties of the Label and not just the Family.

      What kind of annotation family are you creating and what Revit version?

      • Hi! thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m in Revit 2014. For the properties of the label, I click on the label and look at properties, right? Am I missing something? I remember in Revit 2010, you could check rotate with component but I don’t see that box anymore.

        I am creating a new section head for detail sections and/ or millwork. It is essentially a small triangle with the label either top or bottom depending on direction of the section.

      • This doesn’t work in Section heads, only Elevations. Revit keeps the text for Section heads just as it shows in the family. If you want it rotated 90 degrees, just rotate in the family.

        You can direct email me a sketch of what you are trying to do and I can help guide you in the right direction.

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