the idea behind the title


Revit is a parametric modeling software.  I have heard people use the word intelligent while describing the software or parts of it.  I believe the parametric nature of Revit allows us to build relationships between elements that are not possible in other software built for the AEC industry.  I believe people bring the intelligence to Revit through our understanding and manipulation of these relationships.

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This blog is the product of many hours of troubleshooting, testing, fixing, developing, testing, research, fixing again and finally sharing the rewards to other users. Primarily I’m hoping to get my thoughts out into a organized format.  A format that is indexed and easily searchable.

I will primarily focus on Revit (Architecture) and the programs, apps and plug-ins related to Revit.  At times I might wander off into other programs as they fit into the task of documentation, analysis and review.

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