CS 01: Multifamily Units – 01 The Campus Project

Round 1- The Campus Project

Project Overview
The first project was 7 different building types arranged on a site plan. The unit mix included 6 different unit types in the base building block. All buildings were modeled in their own files and linked into a site file where they were arranged in their locations. The site file was used for all documentation including details which were shared amongst all the buildings. The different building types were all the same architectural style and had similar elevation/massing elements between them – bay windows, end cap gable forms, balconies, etc. The variation was in the assembly of the similar elements and modules.
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CS 01: Multifamily Units- 00 Introduction

This case study looks at using Revit for multifamily projects. As a scoping tactic, I am limiting this first case study to single building new construction projects. The current process works for rehab/reuse projects too, but will make more sense after reading about the trials and breakthroughs with new construction projects. I also have another case study brewing specifically for multiple building campus projects.
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